SG Capital Management, LLC, is independent, multi-strategy investment manager seeking to capture stock-specific alpha by investing in small and mid-cap U.S. equities.  Fundamental assessment and bottom-up analysis drive our investing process.  Our strategies span a range of risk return profiles to service SG’s diverse investor base including institutional, individual, and financial intermediary clients, domestically and abroad.

Investment Approach

Fundamental & Technical Assessment, Bottom-Up Analysis

SG Capital Management’s analyst team focuses on fundamental research of US-small and mid cap equities and seeks to capture stock-specific alpha by developing differentiated views from consensus estimates.  We incorporate technical assessments of market sentiment and disciplined risk management at the security, portfolio, and macro levels. Working to build a comprehensive mosaic around a target company, we actively engage with company managements, analysts, suppliers, and competitors. We have a commitment to transparency, and our trades are rational, data-driven, and easy to explain.  

Investing as Partners

Our interests are aligned with our clients, as our employees and their families have approximately 50 million dollars invested alongside client capital.   We pride ourselves in client accommodation and are here to help find solutions to your investing parameters, specific requests, or changing preferences. 

Why Work With Us

Singular Focus

Sector and Market Cap focus on underfollowed and earnings driven companies

Market Agnostic Alpha

Non-consensus insights and differentiated viewpoints

Dynamic Portfolio Management

Date-certain time horizons with flexible exposures around events

Capital Protection

History of successful capital protection during market drawdowns.

Research Process

One disciplined and repeatable research process that feeds ideas to all the SG Strategies.

Our analyst team regularly tracks and screens companies for changes in fundamental dynamics.  Scrutinizing balance sheets and an array of fundamental metrics is combined with engagement of company management teams , competitors, customers, and suppliers.  We assess market expectations versus our own view and consider sentiment indicators.  The highest convictions ideas, that we believe will generate market agnostic alpha, are selected, with overlap of positions in the portfolios. 

The main risks of our approach at the position level are erring in our evaluation of stock-specific fundamentals or misinterpreting market sentiment.  Therefore, we have integrated risk management into our process, our portfolio, and our culture.

We continuously challenge the theses of our investments as their catalysts approach, and we adhere to a sell discipline once our target is reached or our fundamental thesis changes.

Our Commitment

As active managers, we work daily to develop a comprehensive expertise of our investable universe as it evolves. Through continuous research and a commitment to our process, we are able to identify and exploit pricing inefficiencies in the market. We strive to remain nimble and flexible, to quickly maximize the opportunities as they develop in real-time. Our ultimate goal is to add value and generate positive returns for our investors. We welcome open and transparent dialogue and are available to our investors at any time to discuss our ideas and strategies.